China's moon program

Issuing time:2016-06-05 19:20Source: International Astronautical Congress, China

Some manned lunar missions and the launching mode are introduced, the feature of manned   lunar launching mode is summarized. Several flight modes are presented, including Earth Orbit Rendezvous and Lunar Orbit Rendezvous and so on. Based on this, the requirements of launch vehicle system are analyzed. In the end, a proposal is given, which is for manned lunar launching mode’s choice and accelerating the development of the heavy launch vehicle.


The moon is the nearest and only natural satellite of the   earth,   where   is   rich   in   natural   resources,   and   the human   outpost   of   exploring   the   mysteries   of   the universe,   the   optimal   station   of   transferring   and expanding the living space into deep space. Meanwhile it has great value in economic, technology and military. With   the   development   of   space   technology,   human footstep   for   exploring   and   landing   on   the   moon   has never   stopped,   which   tide   has   appeared   twice   in   lunar exploration   and   manned   lunar.   Along   with   developing of   human   space   activities,   the   exploration   aim   is becoming   further   and   further,   but   the   moon   always   is the first aim. Research and analyse manned lunar flight mode,   put   forward   requirement   for   the   launch   vehicle system, has an important promotable effect and practical significance for manned lunar mission.

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Some manned lunar missions and the launching mode are introduced, the feature of .....
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