Designing of Offset Gregorian Dual-reflector Antenna using FEKO

Issuing time:2016-05-27 22:58Author:Rudan JiangSource:Nanjing R&D Center

Abstract:this paper presents a procedure of designing an offset Gregorian dualreflectorantenna with a non-circular aperture of the main reflector using FEKO. A 1.2m Ku band offset dual-reflector antenna is set as an example to compare the results from two solvers in FEKO with the measurement data. There are good agreements on the radiation patterns simulated in FEKO with those by measurement.


Offset reflector antennas including offset dual-reflectors are in widespread use,because of their low aperture blockage and simplicity. The optimization of classical offset dual-reflector systems, especially offset Gregorian dual-reflector antennas with circular aperture, for electrical performance has been derived by several authors. For some special purposes of application and integration with whole systems, the aperture of main reflector should be non-circular. Therefore, based on the classical offset Gregorian dual-reflector antennas, this paper presents a design of the main reflector with a non-circular aperture using FEKO.

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